Board of directors


Muriel Wang, President

Muriel Wang is a junior in Trumbull College from Singapore. She also calls Shanghai, Boston, and New Hampshire home. She is excited to serve as the President of the Yale International Relations Association, in addition to teaching for Hemispheres, editing for the Yale Review of International Studies, and chairing for YMUN, SCSY, and YMGE. In her free time, she teaches theater to New Haven kids, watches sit-coms, and gives tours at the Yale Center for British Art. When IR is not on her mind, she runs an Instagram curating floor designs. Feel free to follow her at @instafloored. If you have any questions about YIRA, or if you would like to get involved in the organization, please contact Muriel at


Andrew Sady-Kennedy, Vice President

Andrew, originally from Ladera Ranch, California, is a junior in Ezra Stiles College. In addition to being the Vice President of the Yale International Relations Association, he also distinguishes himself as the Director General of Administration for Yale MUN Korea 2018, as well as having chaired many of Yale’s conferences, both on campus and abroad. Outside of YIRA, he is an invaluable asset to the Division I Yale Bulldogs Men’s Soccer team, an active member of the Club of Argentine Students at Yale – culturally, his paternal Argentine heritage has played a vital role in his life – as well as being enrolled in Yale’s Directed Studies, a scholarly humanities program designed to challenge and expand the minds of each student by exposing them to the seminal texts of Western civilization. This summer he conducted an internship with the State Department at the United States Embassy in Rome, Italy and will pursue the Global Affairs major, in hopes of dedicating himself to the Foreign Service in the future. If you have any questions about YIRA or how to get more involved, please feel free to contact Andrew at


Eujin Jang, Treasurer and YMUNK Secretary General

Eujin Jang is a Junior in Silliman College. While she is a dedicated member of YIRA, serving in two executive board positions, as the Secretary General of YMUN Korea and as the organization's treasurer, these are eclipsed by her true twin passions. Firstly, she wants to be the very best, like no one ever was. As the celebrated pokémaster kiwidawg she tears up the Top 16 brackets. Simultaneously Eujin never forgets that ball is life and can be found most nights in the Silliman Buttery energetically cheering on her favorite teams. Also did we mention she loves banks?


Jessica Ainooson, SCSY Secretary General

Jessica Ainooson is a member of Stiles College 2020 and the current Secretary-General of SCSY XLI. Jessica was born and raised in Boston, but her family is originally from Ghana. Jessica is a History of Medicine and Science major who is also in the Global Health Studies program. After deciding that pre-med was no longer for her, Jessica has dedicated herself to taking more seminars on health, race, and migration. Outside of SCSY, Jessica does African dance with Dzana and spoken word with Oyé. Outside of that, Jessica is obsessed with ice-cream, music, and writing. If you want to talk about amazing musical artists, social issues, or just have an interesting conversation, email her at


Anin Luo, YMGE President

Anin is the President of Yale Model Government Europe, a crisis conference based on the European Parliament held in November every year. She is a member of Timothy Dwight College class of 2020 and majoring in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. Her hobbies include reading, watching movies, and cycling. Reach her at


Ziad Ahmed, YMUNI Director

Ziad Ahmed (TD '21) is a sophomore hoping to double major in Global Affairs and Cognitive Science. He is from the greatest town on earth: Princeton, New Jersey -- where he tries to escape to as often as possible as, like Drake, he only really loves his bed and his mom. In YIRA (outside of serving as Executive Director of YMUNI), Ziad competes on the Model United Nations Team at Yale (MUNTY), teaches with Hemispheres, and staffs the on-campus conferences. Outside of YIRA, Ziad is an active member of the Yale College Democrats and the Yale Muslim Students Association. He also serves as a TD Community Engagement Fellow at LEAP, a local New Haven non-profit, where he focuses on communications work. Ziad is known to talk quite literally non-stop, so if you want to glimpse of that -- check out where he rambles most often via his twitter @ziadtheactivist! Also, to see a picture of Ziad where he doesn't look like he's in pain -- check out his insta @zidolikespies!


Mbella Beseka, Executive Director

Mbella Beseka is a junior in Ezra Stiles College and currently has the pleasure of serving as the Executive Director of YIRA. His family currently lives in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois - the second-best city in the world. Second to which city, you may be asking: none other than New York City, otherwise known as the Big Apple and his birthplace. Mbella’s family immigrated there from Cameroon, West Africa before he was born. Location, place, home, and family are three concepts that are extremely important to Mbella and are some of his biggest motivations for pursuing an interest in international relations. Outside of YIRA, Mbella served as the Captain of the Muay Thai Kickboxing Team, President of the Students of the Diaspora, and works with contracts at a publishing press. When he’s not doing any of the above, he’s probably either  kicking it with his suitemates or contemplating the ‘big’ questions of life – both excellent methods of further procrastination. If you’d want to join him in either endeavor (or for serious questions and concerns), feel free to email him at


Michael Borger, YMUN Secretary General

Michael is a junior in Silliman College and is excited to serve as the Secretary-General for YMUN XLV. Hailing originally from São Paulo, Brazil, he is a double major in Global Affairs and Ethics, Politics, and Economics, as well as a Human Rights Scholar at the Yale Law School. Previously, Michael has worked as the Secretary of the Yale International Relations Association, the Under-Secretary-General of Regional Bodies for YMUN XLIV, as Director-General of Operations for our collegiate MUN conference, the Security Council Simulation at Yale, as Under-Secretary-General of Delegations for YMUN China, and as a Director for YMUN Taiwan and Yale Model Government Europe. Aside from conferences, he teaches about world issues through an outreach initiative called Hemispheres and edits for the Yale Review of International Studies. After nearly a decade of engaging in Model UN as a delegate, chair, and Secretariat member, he is thrilled to spearhead what will undoubtedly be an all-around rewarding conference. Should any questions or concerns arise, he can be reached at


Ornella Bayigamba, Hemispheres Director

Ornella Bayigamba is a rising sophomore majoring in chemical engineering from Kigali, Rwanda. She has been a Hemispheres instructor for one year; she taught classes ranging from Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide to Tourism. Through these classes, she was able to expand her own knowledge of international relations and interact with an amazing group of dedicated students from around New Haven. She is extremely excited to take on the role of Director of Hemispheres and get even more involved with the program. Within YIRA, she has also served as an Assistant Secretary General (ASG) of Administration for SCSY XL, ASG of Business and Conference for YMUN XLIV, Under-Secretary General of Committees for SCSY XLI, and Director General of Operations for YMGE 2018. Outside of YIRA, she enjoys being a Engineering Tour Guide, working in Pauli Murray’s buttery, and spending too much time at dinner with her friends. Contact her at for any questions about the program!


Hanah Lee, YMUNT Director

Hailing from sunny Arcadia, California, Hanah is a proud member of the Silliman Class of 2020 and is majoring in Global Affairs and Ethics, Politics, and Economics. A die-hard YIRA fan, Hanah currently serves as Secretary-General of YMUN Taiwan and has also worked on the secretariats of SCSY, YMUN, IRSY, YMUN China, and YMUN Korea. Outside of spending most of her waking time with YIRA and its constituent conferences, Hanah also loves to work alongside her fabulous friends in the Asian American Students Alliance, Korean American Students at Yale, Yale Undergraduate Diversified Investments, and Design at Yale. Hanah has an eclectic bunch of unhealthy obsessions, from donuts to UK parliamentary politics. In her spare time, you can usually catch her binge watching rom-coms, napping, or serving up lattes at the Silliman Acorn Cafe! Feel free to contact Hanah at


Henry Suckow Ziemer, Secretary

Henry is serving as the Secretary of YIRA for 2018-2019. A member of the class of 2021 hailing from Minnesota, he finds New Haven winters mild in comparison to the blizzards he faces at home. Planning to major in Global Affairs and History, he is deeply passionate about issues of human rights and international law. Within YIRA, Henry has served on the secretariats of YMUN, SCSY and IRSY, teaches international relations to New Haven high schoolers with Hemispheres and serves as an editor with YRIS. This past year he also traveled with a group from YIRA to Ukraine and Georgia to conduct research on the impact of Russian proxy wars in these countries. In his spare time, Henry loves to dance, read science fiction and plays war games with the Yale Military History Society. He is always excited to share about his experiences with YIRA and appreciation for the organization so please reach out to him at with any questions or ideas your might have.


Simon Cooper, MUNTY Head Delegate

Simon is a junior in Ezra Stiles college from Nashville, Tennessee who studies global affairs. His academic interests include racialized and ethnic violence and poverty, “development,” and sub-Saharan Africa. He is beyond honored to lead the Model United Nations Team at Yale (MUNTY) as its head delegate. Outside of YIRA, where he also chairs SCSY and YMUN, Simon is dedicated to the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project, Dwight Hall Center for Public Service and Social Justice, and The Politic. This past summer, he worked at Living Goods in Uganda. The summer before he studied history and genocide in Bosnia, Croatia, and Montenegro. In his free time (which he often pretends not to have), Simon enjoys talking too much, pretending to be angsty, and reading essays. He misses his dog as much as he wants to make YIRA more inclusive (a painful amount). Email him anytime at or find him at his home, Sterling Memorial Library.


Elisabeth Siegel, YRIS Editor-in-Chief

Elisabeth is a global affairs major from California in Pauli Murray college. In addition to being the Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Review of International Studies, she founded the Yale International Policy Competition this past year and will reprise it as an intercollegiate competition this Fall. This summer, she interned at the Albright Stonebridge Group in Washington, D.C. as a Middle East/North Africa research intern. In the past, she has been involved with YMGE, YMUN, and SCSY. Last year, she was the co-president of Middle Eastern Resolution for Education, Action and Dialogue, a discussion group on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She interned at the Middle East Institute last summer. In her free time, she is the art director of Sine Theta Magazine, an arts magazine by and for the Sino diaspora. She misses her cat.