General Information

Each year, YIRA runs a number of Model United Nations conferences, both on Yale's campus and abroad. The Security Council Simulation at Yale (SCSY), targeted to the collegiate level, and the Yale Model United Nations Conference (YMUN), for high school students, are both hosted on Yale's campus. YIRA also plans and operates conferences abroad: Yale Model Government Europe (YMGE), Yale Model United Nations in China (YMUNC), Yale Model United Nations in Korea (YMUNK) and Yale Model United Nations in Taiwan (YMUNT).

Each conference is run by a Secretariat: Yale students responsible for coordinating the substantive and logistical aspects of the conference. These teams typically consist of a Secretary-General, one or two Directors-General, a number of Undersecretaries-General (tasked with handling a specific aspect of the conference), and Assistant-Secretaries General. All conferences consist of a number of different committees staffed by Dais teams, which typically include a Director, a Moderator, staffers, and often a Crisis Director. Our conferences are known for their wide range of committees, from simulations of the General Assembly to futuristic, crisis-based committees, all intended to challenge and inspire attending delegates.

For more information regarding the bid process required to start a new YIRA-affiliated conference, please contact