Here, members can find resources that they can use throughout their YIRA experience. Whether it's filling out an application for a constituent program, learning parliamentary procedure, understanding how to write a topic guide, or even organizing an entire conference, these resources will hopefully furnish you with the necessary information to accomplish your goals. 

What is Model UN?

Model United Nations, or MUN, comprises simulations of the United Nations' different organs, other international organizations and even governments or presidential cabinets. Several simulations happen in the same conference, and participants, which we call delegates, discuss pressing global, regional, and local issues.

Through debate and consensus-building, their aim is to arrive at solutions to current, historical, and even future problems. 


How do I chair a committee? 

A committee is the discussion participants, or delegates, engage in throughout the conference. As a committee chair, you would facilitate the conversations and steer participants toward building consensus and solving global issues. 

In practice, chairing requires you to set aside a weekend for fun, thought-provoking ideas and insight, and a host of activities including dinners, special events, and more. To ensure that all chairs feel prepared for monitoring the debate, they attend parliamentary procedure training sessions to learn the rules for the discussions. To guide the committee in the direction they want, chairs also assemble topic guides, or brief summaries of the issues they want delegates to cover. To assist chairs, many Secretariat members, or the conference organizers, are readily available to answer questions and help through the process.

For more information, you can also access chairing resources here


What does vice-chairing mean? 

Similar to chairing, vice-chairing means overseeing the discussions of the committee and working with delegates toward problem-solving on the topics the chairs selected. 

If you are new to Model UN or are in your first year at Yale, we generally encourage you to vice-chair in order to learn how to run a Yale MUN committee. Like chairs, you will get to engage with all the fun of the conference, run the debate sessions, and learn about pressing international issues.

For more information, check out the chairing resources here, and should you want to speak with a former or current chair to hear about their experience in a particular conference (e.g. YMUN, SCSY, etc.), reach out to the YIRA Secretary at or the conference's respective Secretary-General. 

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