Global Perspectives Society aims to create on-campus opportunities for wide cross-sections of the Yale community to engage in events pertaining to global affairs. These events vary from dinner debates to trips to the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

speaker series

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The Yale International Relations Association aims to foster a greater understanding of global affairs through debate and dialogue. Our speaker series adds a new dimension to this goal by bringing experts from around the world to speak at Yale on a breadth of topics. These topics have ranged from business journalism to mythology, public policy to comedy, and much more. We hope that by hosting speakers go such diversity, we can bring new people and perspectives to YIRA's dialogue on international affairs. Past speaker events have been hosted in conjunction with other campus groups including the Yale Politic, the Yale Council on South Asian Studies, and the University Chaplain's Office. Upcoming events are advertised through YIRA's newsletter and Facebook page, and will be routinely posted on the Upcoming Events page.

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UNited Nations tRIPS

YIRA frequently holds trips