An entrepreneurial and innovative conference, Yale Model Government Europe draws on a large and distinctive background in Model United Nations. Run by members of the Yale International Relations Association—students with a passion and background in Model UN and international affairs—YMGE combines the prestige and history of Yale Model UN with a fresh spark of creativity and faithfulness to real-world politics.

Simulating the European Union rather than the UN, YMGE re-imagines the traditional Model UN conference in a way that is highly dynamic and educational for delegates. All committees operate in the same virtual world and respond to an integrated crisis. In past years, delegates had to grapple with influenza scares and bioterrorism threats, closing some national borders in the process. YMGE has attracted delegates from all around the world - from the United States to the United Arab Emirates, and from Switzerland to India. YMGE combines the best of American and European conferences to create a hybrid format that offers a more integrated experience.

This year's conference, like those in past years, will be comprised of two types of sessions: standard committee debate and crisis debate. In standard committee debate, delegates are placed in a parliament or national cabinet to discuss important issues pertaining to the future of Europe through the lens of its individual countries. In crisis sessions, all committees table their individual debates to come together and solve an issue that threatens the integrity of the entire European community. What distinguishes YMGE from other conferences is its unique dedication to fostering an educational atmosphere in which delegates can learn about international relations and realistic global and European affairs in a collaborative and dynamic environment.

For more information about YMGE, the website can be found here