Regardless of your previous experiences, there is a home for you in YIRA.

A warm welcome from the Yale International Relations Association (YIRA)! YIRA, one of Yale's largest and most diverse student organization, is committed to raising awareness and fostering debate about international affairs through unique programs and opportunities both on campus and abroad. We are passionate about international relations, community, and education. Please get to know us if you want to:

  • improve the Yale community and your own understanding of culture, politics, and geography of the world;

  • seek to be a part of a community of people from various backgrounds sharing a common interest;

  • want to empower future global leaders through service, public speaking, and educational programming.

Opportunities for Involvement

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The Membership Experience


Signature Events

Throughout the course of the semester, YIRA hosts many social events directly on Yale's campus, including study breaks, movie screenings, holiday events, and banquets. These events are advertised via our Facebook page and newsletter. Please join us!



While informal mentoring occurs within each constituent program, YIRA offers a number of events to facilitate relationships between its younger and senior members. Traditionally, these have included both social events like picnics and off-campus meals, as well as academic and professional resources. If you are a Yale undergraduate interested or currently involved in YIRA with questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Executive Board for a meal or coffee.


Membership Development

We value our members' leadership development and unique interests within the field of international relations. All YIRA members have the opportunity to connect with prominent speakers and specialists in the areas of politics, journalism, and more. Members are also able to propose programs or events of their own design related to global affairs. These independent initiatives are eligible for YIRA funding.