The International Relations Symposium at Yale (IRSY) is a free one-day conference for high school students interested in international relations, sponsored by the Yale International Relations Association. Students, faculty, and professionals from around the world discuss global affairs and present careers and opportunities in both security and development. Panels, lectures and workshops give the attending students a rare glimpse into the fascinating world of international politics.

Our mission is be informative, inspiring, and most importantly, interesting. IRSY 2012 featured several well-known speakers, including Dr. Nima Wangchuk, a visiting scholar from Bhutan, panels by Elizabeth Gill, career services director of the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, and workshops on diplomacy by the top-ranked Model United Nations Team at Yale.  IRSY 2014 featured dynamic speakers on different current and pressing topics in International Relations, a cultural lunch with an opportunity to meet with various campus organizations, and special workshops. IRSY 2015 was particularly innovating in its inclusion of two distinct tracks: international development or international security. By choosing one of these two pathways, students will be able to tailor their IRSY experience, attending a lecture and workshops catered to their area of interest. 

This year, the theme of IRSY is “Diplomacy in an Era of Uncertainty” and will be providing four unique tracks for participants to choose from: Media and Communications, Sustainability and Development, Security and Conflict, Cyber Technology and Espionage. Additionally, IRSY has expanded its educational offerings with panel discussions, workshops and a cultural lunch with an opportunity to meet with various campus organizations.

For more information, please visit the IRSY website.

More information about IRSY 2019 will be forthcoming.