Western Business Attire Closet

For a number of its programs—including SCSY, YMUN, and MUNTY—YIRA requires Yale secretariat members and committee directors to wear western business apparel. Recognizing the costs associated with acquiring this clothing, YIRA has put together a WBA Closet for its members to use!

YIRA members may request to borrow clothing for the duration of the conference by emailing the YIRA Secretary at secretary@yira.org.

YIRA also accepts donations of new or gently worn professional clothing, all sizes welcomed. All donations are greatly appreciated

Anonymous YIRA Violations Reporting Form

YIRA is committed to making sure we are a safe space for every single member. We understand that it is incredibly important to provide a clear and anonymous line of reporting in the case that there are violations of YIRA's and Yale's policies. Everything submitted on this form is 100% anonymous, and YIRA Board will evaluate each claim to the best of its ability based on the information you provide. Nothing is too big or too small. You may be reporting something that you personally have experienced, or something someone else has. If you would like to report something in person instead, please email Minahil Nawaz at president@yira.org.

The anonymous reporting form is here. This is a reusable Qualtrics link that can be pasted into emails or onto a website, and is unable to track identifying information of respondents.

Chairing and Vice-chairing

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A committee is the discussion participants, or delegates, engage in throughout the conference. As a committee chair, you would facilitate the conversations and steer participants toward building consensus and solving global issues. Similar to chairing, vice-chairing means overseeing the discussions of the committee and working with delegates toward problem-solving on the topics the chairs selected.

In practice, chairing or vice-chairing requires you to set aside a weekend for fun, thought-provoking discussion, and a host of activities including dinners, special events, and more. To ensure that all chairs feel prepared for monitoring the debate, they attend parliamentary procedure training sessions to learn the rules for the discussions. To guide the committee in the direction they want, chairs also assemble topic guides, or brief summaries of the issues they want delegates to cover.

If you are new to Model UN or are in your first year at Yale, we generally encourage you to vice-chair in order to learn how to run a Yale MUN committee. Like chairs, you will get to engage with all the fun of the conference, run the debate sessions, and learn about pressing international issues. If you want to know more about chairing, see the chairing resources below!

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