What is YMGE?

Simulating the European Union rather than the UN, Yale Model Government Europe re-imagines the traditional Model UN conference in a way that is highly dynamic and educational for delegates. All committees operate in the same virtual world and respond to an integrated crisis. In past years, delegates had to grapple with influenza scares and bioterrorism threats.

What Makes YMGE Unique

  • An innovative take on the traditional Model UN format

    • YMGE was created as a more educational and dynamic reimagining of the usual Model UN format. Delegates debate in both national cabinets and EU institutions over pressing current-day issues.

  • An integrated crisis

    • During the conference, all committees will be hit with a simulated crisis that has significant consequences throughout Europe and the world. The delegates will have to work within and across committees and national barriers.

  • Small committees

    • 13 of the 17 committees at YMGE have 12 or fewer students, with 4 larger specialized committees. This allows each delegate to have individualized attention and feedback from their committee’s director.

YMGE’s Mission

“YMGE hopes to raise awareness of and foster discussion about international relations in the European context through simulations of global crises and fast-paced debate.”

Discover More

YMGE Website: ymge.org

YMGE President: nathalie@ymge.org

YMGE Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yalemgeurope/