This page acts as a hub for the applications and details of all currently open YIRA opportunities, as well as other YIRA wide events. Keep checking this page for further updates! We cannot wait to see you become part of the YIRA family! For more information, feel free to sign up for our newsletter at or contact our Secretary Linh Le at

General YIRA Events

Since YIRA is the larger umbrella organization of the various constituent programs listed on this page (and more), we do not have any direct applications to join. However, we want to help you find a program best-suited to you, so make sure to join us at our Cookout and Information Session! You can also read more about YIRA Membership Policy on our website here.

For more general YIRA events, check out the YIRA Calendar here.

Yale Review of International Studies (YRIS)

Consider writing for the Yale Review of International Studies! YRIS is YIRA’s premier journal dedicated to publishing both opinion and long-form scholarship on contemporary and historical global issues. YRIS seeks to stimulate broad and multi-faceted debate on issues ranging from foreign policy to international trends in law, culture, and the environment.

Writing for YRIS is one of the best ways to get involved with YIRA. If you want to write short articles about current events, campus events, interviews with professors, or book reviews, you can submit articles to be featured in the weekly update. Additionally, if you have already signed up to Vice Chair with YMUN or Crisis Direct with SCSY, writing two articles with YRIS will allow you to become an official YIRA member. You can read more about YIRA’s membership policies here.

Visit the YRIS website at If you have any questions, contact Jake and Qusay, YRIS Co-Editors in Chief, at