General Financial Information

YIRA is a non-profit organization, incorporated as being tax-exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. As per the requirements of such organizations, YIRA's tax records and financial reports are accessible to the general membership. YIRA is committed to ensuring its programs are accessible to students of all backgrounds. Generous financial aid funds are earmarked for each conference. Please refer to the individual conference websites, and their payment and registration pages, for information on how to qualify for this assistance. To request tax records and other financial reports, or for further questions about YIRA's finances, please email our Treasurer, Karthik Irakam, at

In the future, these funds will allow YIRA to pursue new initiatives and programs to expand the reach of its programming. Please consider donating to YIRA today to help fulfill and extend its educational mission. 


Yira Reimbursement Form

Have you recently incurred a personal expense while working for a YIRA program? Complete the form here in order to request a reimbursement!

Financial Aid for YIRA Members

To lower barriers for participation in YIRA, all Yale students who receive financial aid from the university are eligible to receive comparable financial assistance to participate in YIRA programs. This aid can be utilized for a variety of costs, such as conference chairing or secretariat fees, if applicable, but does not cover optional pre-conference travel for international programs.

All Yale students who receive financial aid from the university are eligible to receive financial assistance to participate in YIRA programs. Please note that in order to be eligible for financial aid, a YIRA member must provide a Yale-sanctioned form that describes the proportion of financial aid they receive, as well as a screenshot from Yale Student Information Systems about their International Summer Award (ISA) percentage eligibility.

Students wishing to apply for financial aid should complete the form found here. YIRA will follow up with all submissions via email. Please note that all applications are strictly confidential. YIRA will never disclose the submission of a financial aid application or any of the details contained in an application.