YIRA works alongside a number of premier partners - both on campus and internationally - to achieve its mission of raising awareness of global affairs. If you are interested in working with YIRA on a program, are seeking partnership for an event, or wish to sponsor one of our programs, please contact us.

Featured Partnership : World Scholar's Cup Tournament of champions


Since 2012, YIRA has been delighted to host the annual World Scholar's Cup Tournament of Champions: a gathering of alpaca-loving future leaders from over 70 countries. 2019 will be marking the largest iteration of the tournament yet, bringing together over 3,200 students for collaborative and vibrant learning between scholars and leaders from around the world. The event features a scavenger hunt that takes scholars to every corner of Yale’s campus and the surrounding community. At the end of the hunt, scholars encounter real alpacas (the mascot of World Scholar's Cup). The event motivates students of all backgrounds to discover new strengths and practice new skills. The Tournament of Champions also cultivates and inspires a global community of future scholars and leaders.