What is YRIS?

The Yale Review of International Studies (YRIS) is an academic journal dedicated to publishing academic scholarship on contemporary and historical global issues.

In order to address the many questions of international interest, YRIS seeks to stimulate probing and multi-faceted discussion on issues ranging from foreign policy to international trends in law, culture, and the environment.


YRIS publishes four quarterly print editions:

  • The Global Issue

    Undergraduate students at universities outside of the United States are eligible to submit essays for review. Submissions for the Global Issue are due on June 19, 2018.

  • The Winter Issue

    Official solicitation for our next Winter Issue will begin around October 2018. The Winter Issue is open to any undergraduate students at any university.

  • The Spring Issue

    Official solicitation for our next Spring Issue will begin around January 2019. The Spring Issue is open to any undergraduate students at any university.

  • The Acheson Prize Issue

    Official solicitation for our next Acheson Prize Issue will begin around March 2019. The Acheson Prize Issue is open to undergraduates at Yale University.

A certain percentage of submissions will be published online on the YRIS website. Additionally, the top five submissions will be published in print editions that are distributed across the Yale campus (dining halls, academic buildings, and more) and are also disseminated to other college campuses.

The Weekly Update

The Weekly Update summarizes each week's international affairs news with links to top articles, columns and pictures. YIRA members automatically receive the update. You can sign up to receive the weekly update on the YRIS website.

Discover More

  • For Yale students interested in joining the YRIS staff, the application can be found at yris.yira.org/apply and is due at 11:59 p.m. on September 16th

  • To learn more about YRIS and sign up for the weekly update, visit yris.yira.org

  • If you are interested in submitting your work to YRIS, see the submission guidelines at yris.yira.org/submit

  • To stay up-to-date on the latest developments and news from YRIS, follow YRIS on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/YaleReviewOfInternationalStudies/