Who We Are

The Yale International Relations Association Executive Board '15-'16

The Yale International Relations Association Executive Board '15-'16

The Yale International Relations Association (YIRA) was founded in 1969 by a group of individuals who sought to promote a better understanding of global affairs after the turbulent affairs of the 1960s. YIRA's mission is to raise awareness of and foster debate about international relations and global affairs through a number of unique and ambitious constituent programs. Yale is at once a tradition, a company of scholars, and a society of friends. In YIRA, that society of friends has no bounds, from Korea to Budapest, Georgia to Haiti, our activities stretch across the globe, and we would love to include you as we continue in our global endeavours.

With consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council and hundreds of members hailing from more than 30 countries and pursuing virtually all courses of study, YIRA is one of the largest and most diverse student organizations at Yale. We pride ourselves in inclusion and diversity, and welcome you in partnering with us in our programs going forward. As one of the most active undergraduate organizations, YIRA offers a variety of ways to get involved and join our great community of students interested in global affairs. 

What We Do

YIRA is composed of a wide array of constituent programs, each with its own distinctive mission and contribution, yet united under the YIRA umbrella of cultivating a nuanced understanding of global affairs while encouraging dynamic and active participation in shaping tomorrow's world. 

YIRA's constituent programs include the following: MUNTY, YMUN, YMUN-Taiwan, YMUN-Korea, YMUN-China Yale Model Government Europe (YMGE), Security Council Simulation at Yale (SCSY), YRIS, IRSY, YMUNI, and Hemispheres. More information about these constituent programs can be found in their individual tabs on this website. 


The mission of the Yale International Relations Association is to build a community of students engaged in service to the Yale, New Haven, and international community in which we operate, as part of an effort to promote education and debate about global affairs.
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