This page acts as a hub for the applications and details of all currently open YIRA opportunities, as well as other YIRA wide events. Keep checking this page for further updates! We cannot wait to see you become part of the YIRA family! For more information, feel free to sign up for our newsletter at or contact our Secretary Linh Le at

General YIRA Events

Since YIRA is the larger umbrella organization of the various constituent programs listed on this page (and more), we do not have any direct applications to join. However, we want to help you find a program best-suited to you, so make sure to join us at our Cookout and Information Session! You can also read more about YIRA Membership Policy on our website here.


Yale Model United Nations Taiwan (YMUNT)

YMUN Taiwan is a regionally-focused and globally-minded conference held in the heart of Taipei by the Yale International Relations Association. Our Secretariat is comprised of highly passionate YIRA members from Yale, and we are supported by driven, competent high school staff from Taipei. YMUN Taiwan is searching for a team of highly-motivated individuals who are interested in sharing YMUNT's mission of empowering high school students from around the world.

September 15, 2019: Director Application Due

September 16-18, 2019: Director Interviews

Please find the Director Application here.

Yale Review of International Studies (YRIS)

The Yale Review of International Studies (YRIS) is YIRA’s academic journal dedicated to publishing academic scholarship on contemporary and historical global issues.

September 17, 2019: Application Due

WLH 114, 7PM

Applications to join the YRIS staff is available here.


Yale Model United Nations (YMUN)

YIRA’s premier Model UN Conference, YMUN brings together more than 1,800 delegates from over 40 countries, connecting youth with Yale, New Haven, and each other. YMUN is a great way to gain experience both organizing a major Model United Nations conference and leading delegates through complex international challenges. Two ways to get involved this year are by Vice-Chairing a committee or serving as an Assistant Secretary General (ASG).

September 15, 2019: ASG Application Due

September 16-18, 2019: ASG Interviews

October: Vice-Chair Application Released

The Application to become an ASG for YMUN XLVI can be found here. Get to know what positions are available and what they entail here.

Applications to serve as a Vice-Chair will be released shortly.


With Hemispheres, Yale students meet high school students from the New Haven area to explore a variety of topics in international affairs and develop analytical, creative, and critical thinking skills.

September 11, 2019: Applications for Teacher Due

September 12-13, 2019: Teacher Interviews

Please find the Teacher Application here.

WSC Assistant Director Application 

Seeking conference assistant director for the coolest conference around! The World Scholar's Cup Tournament of Champions is a fun way to support youth international scholarship and competition—and alpacas. Apply HEREPosition is compensated with $1000 stipend. Please email for any inquiries.

September 15, 2019: Application Due


Winter Trip Application Part I

International research trips are YIRA members’ opportunity to travel all over the world. Every year, YIRA organizes, funds and administers several international trips, which give members the unique opportunity to travel to places all over the world. The trips are an opportunity for members to experience international relations and global affairs first-hand. Each trip generally has 5-6 members, including two Trip Leaders, who spend several weeks beforehand organizing and planning the trip. In the past, YIRA members have run a diverse range of trips; any trip bearing some relevance to international relations and global affairs is considered. This year, we strongly recommend YIRA members to propose trips to parts of the world YIRA has not been to in the past (please check out our website to see the world map of where our constituents have led trips!)

This year, the application is split up into two parts to encourage potential applicants to firstly focus their attention on the educational purpose of their trip, the research question they hope to answer, where the research will take place, and what sort of resources they need from YIRA to best accomplish this. Part I of the application can be found here. Ornella will hold office hours both on Friday (9/13) and (9/20) from 1-3pm in the Silliman Acorn. Please feel free to come or email her at with any questions!

September 30, 2019: Application Due