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Membership is granted to Yale undergraduate students on a semesterly basis. Membership is earned typically through fulfilling the requirements outlined by individual YIRA Constituent Programs or established YIRA programs. The following section is taken from Chapter 4 of the YIRA policies:

A Yale undergraduate student may achieve YIRA membership on a semester-by-semester basis by fulfilling the requirements of: a YIRA Constituent Program; an established YIRA program as outlined in Chapter 7, Section 1; an activity in YIRA that offers membership according to the YIRA bylaws; in both semesters of the academic school year.

  1. If they participate in programs in either the Fall or Spring semester as a Vice Chair, crisis director or staffer, in order to become an active YIRA member, they must also submit and have published two written pieces to the Yale Review of International Studies website or staff programs in the other semester as a Vice Chair or crisis director to demonstrate a two semester commitment to YIRA.

  2. YIRA members participating in international conferences must also chair, staff or be involved with an on-campus conference during the academic school year, with specifics of involvement determined by the needs of on-campus conference Secretary-Generals.

Being a YIRA member brings a host of benefits. These include, but are not limited to, events with reputable speakers, invitations to YIRA Happy Hours and Banquets, international travel opportunities, and a community of similarly passionate individuals.