+ Spring 2018 - Spain

Trip Leaders: Kelsi Caywood and Harland Dahl

Takeaway Project: Magazine

+ Spring 2018 - Taiwan

Trip Leaders: Jonathan Simonds and Alexandra Lombardo

Takeaway Project: Photo Exhibition

+ Spring 2018 - Ukraine and Georgia

Trip Leaders: Olexa Alex Martiniouk and Sonny Stephens

Takeaway Project: Magazine

+ Winter 2017 - Sri Lanka

Trip Leaders: Annie Cheng and Joyce Ho

Takeaway Project: Documentary 'Ecocentric'

The conversation around environmentalism often surrounds the steps and actions taken by post-industrial states, but Ecocentric explores the concept of green living and sustainable development in a different framework. The student documentary features nonprofit organizations from Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Both South Asian island nations experience disproportionate obstacles as small states affected seriously by international climate change impacts, while working through socioeconomic challenges. Taking you through the coastal dynamics of Malé to the dense forest of Sinharaja, Ecocentric encourages its viewers to reconsider the broader environmental and climatic conversation.

Watch Ecocentric here.

+ Winter 2017 - Argentina

Trip Leaders: Brandon Marks and Victor Padilla Castellanos

Takeaway Project: Podcast

Listen to their podcast here.

+ Spring 2017 - Central-Eastern Europe

Trip Leaders: Lisa Qian and Arvin Anoop

Read about their takeaway project here

+ Spring 2017 - Brazil

Trip Leaders: Lauren Davila and Sergio Infante

+ Winter 2016 - Texas

Trip Leaders: Laura Plata and Maria Melchor

+ Winter 2016 - South Korea

Trip Leaders: Nick and Minsum

+ Spring 2016 - Indonesia

Trip Leaders: Ben Della Rocca and Sejal Vallabh

+ Spring 2016 - Russia

Trip Leaders: Nicole Ng and Joe Li

+ Winter 2015 - Colombia

Trip Leaders: Lucía Baca and Laila Robbins

+ Winter 2015 - Turkey

Trip Leaders: Samantha Gardner and Mevlut Ikiz

+ Spring 2015 - Belgium, France, and Washington D.C.

Trip Leaders: Rachel O’Connell and Matthew Finney

+ Spring 2015 - Spain

Trip Leaders: Cynthia Hua & Rachel Miller

+ Spring 2015 - Scotland

Trip Leaders: Adira Levine and Cristina Moreno

+ Winter 2014 - France, Belgium, and Washington, D.C.

Trip Leaders: Rachel O'Connell and Matthew Finney

+ Winter 2014 - Cuba

Trip Leaders: Lucía Baca and Haley Adams

+ Spring 2014 - Brazil

Trip Leaders: Bianca Rey and Caroline Tan

+ Spring 2014 - Peru

Trip Leaders: Angie Hanawa and Danny Avraham

+ Spring 2014 - Portugal

Trip Leaders: Helder Toste and Katja Botchkareva

+ Spring 2014 - Turkey

Trip Leaders: Daniel Judt and Evelyn Davis

+ Spring 2013 - Costa Rica

Trip Leaders: Bianca Kim and Naaman Mehta

+ Spring 2013 - Georgia

Trip Leaders: Seth Thompson and Luka Kalandarishvili

+ Spring 2013 - Greece

Trip Leaders: Jane Darby Menton and Jeremy Hutton

+ Spring 2013 - Japan

Trip Leaders: Dan Mitropolsky and John D'Amico

+ Fall 2012 - China

Trip Leaders: Jack Linshi and Li Boynton

+ Fall 2012 - Ghana

Trip Leaders: Yaa Ampofo and Paul Han