What is YMUN?

YIRA’s premier Model UN Conference, YMUN brings together more than 1,800 delegates from over 40 countries, connecting youth with Yale, New Haven, and each other.

YMUN’S Mission: Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow

  • Learn today: YMUN strives to create a dynamic and engaging committee experience for delegates of all skill levels through:

    • Comprehensive chair recruitment and preparation to ensure committee chairs are passionate educators ready to be proactive with delegates

    • Online pre-conference and personal in-conference training

  • Lead tomorrow: YMUN hopes to leave delegates with a greater awareness of global issues, equipped with the tools and motivation to make a difference through:

  • Keynote speakers

  • Partnership with non-profit organizations

  • Out-of-committee learning initiatives

Engagement With Yale

YMUN is hosted directly on Yale’s beautiful campus, allowing delegates and advisors to experience a number of unique ways to engage with everything the university has to offer. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Yale Day, where delegates and advisors can attend lectures by Yale professors, explore campus on a guided tour, attend workshops led by student groups and more.

  • The Global Exchange Program, an application-only program for highly motivated delegates which allows them to grapple with pressing international relations issues in seminars taught by some of Yale’s most distinguished faculty.

  • The Yale Showcase, a symposium where delegates and advisors can see a number of Yale’s extraordinary performance groups show off their many talents.

Discover More

YMUN Website: ymun-yira.org

YMUN Secretary-General: secgen@ymun.org

YMUN Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yalemun/