YIRA’s largest high school conference, the Yale Model United Nations Conference attracts around 1,800 students to Yale’s campus each year. As one of the premiere conferences on the high school Model UN circuit, YMUN draws delegates to Yale University's historic campus for a four-day dynamic simulation of international diplomacy. With delegates from across the United States and the world, YMUN is one of the most diverse conferences in the country. Our mission is to create an engaging learning environment in which students can practice international diplomacy, hone their debating and speaking skills, and share ideas with peers from across the world. We want to encourage students to critically examine, debate, and discuss some of the most pressing issues facing the world today. YMUN challenges delegates to think more like global citizens and to approach the issues of the day from a more international perspective. With 20 committees ranging from the Economic and Financial Committee of the UN General Assembly to numerous specialized committees, the conference allows delegates to experience accurate representations of historical and contemporary governing bodies. The conference’s location on Yale’s campus adds to the unique experience that each and every delegate experiences at the YMUN conference.

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