Entering into its fourth iteration, YMUN Taiwan is a locally-driven, YMUN-brand conference held in the heart of Taipei during the weekend of May 19-21, 2017. It provides a challenging and diverse committee experience, addressing issues relevant to Taiwan and to cross-strait relations. Its Secretariat is comprised of highly passionate YIRA members from Yale and driven, competent high school staff from Taipei. This cooperation enables the formation of a deeper relationship between YMUN and local high schools and serves to make the conference more sustainable for future years. The target number of delegates for this year’s conference is 500, with a view to leave room for growth in the years to come. In addition to high-quality debate in committee, YMUN Taiwan seeks to provide a full selection of programming for delegates and advisors, from innovative panels and workshops to dinners and social events.

YMUN Taiwan seeks to create a partnership with high schools that begins prior to the start of the conference, through an extensive training program that helps schools in the area develop their own MUN programs. The partnership continues with opportunities for student involvement, not only as delegates, but also as assistant directors and assistant secretaries-general. YMUN Taiwan seeks to be a teaching and training conference for secretariat and delegates alike, in which students can hone their skills as delegates and then return for years to come to develop a broad array of skill sets.

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