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What is YMUNT?

YMUN Taiwan is a locally-driven, YMUN-brand conference held in the heart of Taipei. It provides a challenging and diverse committee experience, addressing issues relevant to Taiwan and to cross-strait relations. Its Secretariat is comprised of highly passionate YIRA members from Yale and driven, competent high school staff from Taipei.

YMUNT’s Mission: Empower, Enrich, Excel

  • Empower: YMUNT is a locally-sourced conference, with opportunities for high school students in Taiwan to get involved in organizing and running the conference, or leading committees together with a team of dedicated Yale students.

  • Enrich: In addition to exceptional debate in committee conducted by the best and brightest from Yale, we provide a full selection of programming for delegates and advisors, from admissions panels and workshops to dinners and social events.

  • Excel: To allow delegates of all backgrounds the opportunity to find their voice, YMUNT offers a comprehensive online training program as well as a three-tiered committee structure with beginner, intermediate and advanced committees.

Get Involved!

  • Yale students are encouraged to apply to be Directors who help run exciting, model-UN style committees during the conference, the application is due on September 16th and can be found here.

  • Assistant Secretaries-General: Local area high school students can apply to serve as Assistant Secretaries-General (ASGs) and join the YMUNT secretariat, working with a team of Yale students to organize and run the conference itself.

  • Assistant Directors: High school students in Taiwan can also apply to be Assistant Directors, working together with a Yale student to run their very own UN committee.

Discover More

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